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School starts at MCHS: changes necessary due to construction

The two-year MCHS construction project continues through the new school year. Parents should be aware of some changes. The first full day of classes will happen on Wednesday, Aug. 14. {Photo Provided}

LOCAL NEWS — For months, local folks have watched ground breaking and construction happening at Moore County Middle School and Moore County High School on the Lynchburg Highway. Though that construction will continue over the next year, the school year will begin on time with the first full day of classes happening on Wednesday, Aug. 14.

Local school officials warn that there will be some changes necessary to navigate the construction. For example, for the first few days, the main entrance of the school will not be operational. However, parents should still plan for students to be dropped off at the front of the building. Student will enter the building from classroom doors to the left of the main entrance.

Also, high school students will not have lockers at the very beginning of the school year. Instead, officials ask that students only bring essential items on the short term.

For security purposes, during the construction project, visitors will be severely limited to only those with legitimate school business. Any visitor who can not offer a real reason to be on campus could be turned away.

One big change this year is that car rider parents will not be allowed to arrive for pick up prior to 3 p.m. This is for safety as well as security reasons. Parents should also only pick up student from the front entrance. High school student who drive will park as they did last year.

For more information, visit the Moore County Schools website. •

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