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Pizzeria approved for on-site beer sales

LOCAL NEWS — Well Lynchburg, you can now have a frosty cold beer with that slice of wood fired pizza. On Tuesday, the Metro Moore Beer Board approved the application for off-site and on-site beer consumption for the Stave and Stone Pizzeria and Baking Company located at the Lynchburg Cigar Company. The business is located at 10 Hiles Street, just off the Lynchburg Square.

This does not mean however; that Lynchburg is now a wet county. Metro Moore’s “dry” designation means there are no liquor store in Moore County and restaurant may not serve liquor by the drink. This remains true.

Beer sales however are controlled the local beer board and the Metro Moore Beer Board members. On Tuesday, Chairman Buford Jennings and member Amy Cashion voted in favor of the approval. A third member, Tommy Brown, resigned from the Beer Board at the previous Metro Council Meeting.

With just two members, there was a risk of a tie vote. So Metro Mayor Bonnie Lewis attended to serve as an ex-officio member, should her vote be necessary. It wasn’t. Both Chairman Jennings and Cashion voted in favor and the permit was approved 2-0.

Jim Clinton, who owns the Lynchburg Cigar Company and Stone Pizzeria, attended the meeting and stressed his desire to run a “family-type pizza place” as well as take the “privilege” of serving seriously.

The Board will consider more applications for on-site consumption at their next meeting, which takes place on Monday at 4:30 p.m. at the American Legion Building. At that meeting, the Board will consider applications from both Barrel House BBQ and Lynchburg Winery.•

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