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Jack Daniel’s Distillery welcomes Nearest Green in full page ad

LOCAL NEWS — On Thursday, September 5, the Nearest Green Distillery celebrated with a sneak peek at it’s new facility on a 270 acre, walking horse farm in Shelbville just off Highway 231.

On that same day, Jack Daniel’s Distillery took out a full page ad in The Moore County News, to “raise a glass” to the new distillery. The text of the ad reads as follows:

“The Folks here at Jack Daniel’s in Lynchburg, Tenn., would like to raise a glass and welcome our friends at the new Nearest Green Distillery, just outside of Shelbyville.

“Not only are our two distilleries close when it comes to location, but we also share a history of friendship. Nathan “Nearest” Green — who the distillery, visitor center, and whiskey honor — was our first master distiller and is the man who taught Jack Daniel how to make whiskey on the Dan Call Farm.

“He and Nearest had a special relationship at a time when such a friendship was uncommon. The character of each man and the deep respect they had for one another carried forward for generations in the Lynchburg community they both called home.

“We know Jack would be proud to see Nearest’s name on a distillery just down the road from his. We also know he’d be happy to see that an extraordinary friendship from long ago continues today. And that’s something we can all raise a glass to.” •

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