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UT announces new Vol podcast

STATE NEWS | Sports — The University of Tennessee recently announced a new sports podcast called A Host of Volunteers. It’s Tennessee Athletic’s first official podcast and will debut next week on Friday, October 4 with an episode about Johnny Majors’ first year as head coach in 1977.

Majors is a Lynchburg native who played at both Moore County High School and Huntland High School before playing at the University of Tennessee. In 1977 and hot off a National Championship season at Pitt, Majors returned to his alma mater to take over as head coach, a position he held until 1992.

The first episode entitled “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” will include guest appearances by Pat Ryan, Pert Jenkins, Eddy Powers, and Larry Seivers along with former UT coaches Majors and Bill Battle. They self-describe as an “audio deep dive into the Tennessee gridiron history books.”

Barry Rice of VFL Films and Ben Bates of The Vol Network will host the new podcast. It will incorporate interviews with legendary Vols, fans, and archival material. Expect John Ward’s play-by-play combined with memories of players, coaches, and administrators that will make even the most die hard fan happy. You can subscribe on Apple Podcasts or iHeart Radio.•

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