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Distillery re-releases Heritage Barrel whiskey

Jack Daniel Single Barrel — Heritage Barrel will be re-released in October. {Photo Provided}

LOCAL NEWS — Jack Daniel’s comes in all sort of flavors and proofs but none are more popular than the 100-proof, award-winning Jack Daniel Single Barrel — Heritage Barrel Special Release. Whisky Advocate named it one of its 2018’s Best Bottles and it will return this year for a limited run.

Master Distiller Jeff Arnett and his crew hand-selected less than 200 barrels for this special run, so supplies won’t last long. According to a press release, the company aged this batch an additional year in the highest floor of one of the distillery’s warmest barrel houses. It’s also the floors from which the “angel’s shares” are taken as legend has it. The whiskey celebrates the art of barrel making and barrels for this project were specifically slow heated or “toasted” before charring to give the whiskey a deeper, layered look and taste.

It gives the whiskey a unique color like a new bright copper penny with a nose of vanilla and baking spices. It hints at caramel or maybe even maple syrup sweetness with a cinnamon finish. And for a 100-proof whiskey, it’s super mellow. It’d be perfect for sitting by the fireplace on a cold night. The 2019 Heritage Barrel Bottle will hit shelves in mid-October. •

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