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Director of Schools asks public input on school calendar

LOCAL NEWS | Education — Moore County Director of Schools Chad Moorehead would like the public’s input on the 2020-21 school calendar through a survey on the organization’s website. Examples of questions include:

1| Beginning the school year later in August … Students can not report prior to August 1. The calendar can be adjusted to start the school year later in August but would require extending the school years past Memorial Day, removing Fall Break, removing Spring Break, abbreviating Thanksgiving Break, or abbreviating Fall and/or Spring Breaks.

2 | There’s also an option to end the school year earlier in May, but it would require removing fall break, removing spring break, abbreviating Thanksgiving break, abbreviating fall and/or spring breaks.

3 | There are also questions pertaining to the 2020 Presidential Election. A new state law prohibits students from attending school if the school is utilized as a polling place.

Questions also center on closing schools the day after Parent Teacher conference, the length of Thanksgiving Break, and school closing during the Lynchburg Music Fest and Jack Daniel Barbecue.

The public should remember that state law requires that a school calendar includes 180 instructional days (three of which can be abbreviated), five in-service days, four admin days, and one parent-teacher conference. Those interested in voicing their opinion should do so before next Wednesday, October 23. For more information, visit the Moore County School website. •

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