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JD BBQ: 2018 winner Butcher BBQ returns to defend their title

Last years Grand Champion Butcher BBQ will return to Lynchburg on October 26 to defend their title. The team will travel from Chandler, Oklahoma. {Photo Provided}

They’d traveled all the way from Chandler, Oklahoma six times before to competed in The Jack and last year they finally won the whole thing. The 2018 Grand Champion, Butcher BBQ, will return to Lynchburg on October 26 to defend their title.

“It’s just a shock.  We absolutely cannot believe it,” said Butcher BBQ’s David Bouska after the win. “We’ve competed here at The Jack six times previously, and never in our wildest dreams could we ever imagine winning the whole thing.  Just a complete shock.”

The team launched in 2007 and evolved from butchers to pit masters to barbecue competitors. Before winning in Lynchburg, they’d taken home hundreds of prizes including the 2012 World Champion BBQ Pitmasters. On Saturday, they’ll join 113 U.S. teams and 27 international teams to compete for the coveted title of The Jack Grand Champion. •

Editor’s Note: We’ll post live updates throughout the The Jack on Saturday. Look for pictures and updates continuously throughout the day on our social media.

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