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TSSAA force Fayetteville City to forfeit six games

According to a copy of this September 6 letter from the TSSAA, the unnamed transfer players was approved to play at Fayetteville City Schools. On October 25, TSSAA reversed that decision. The school is appealing. {Photo Provided}

REGIONAL NEWS | Sports — According to the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA). Moore County’s Division 1 , Class 5A opponent Fayetteville City Schools must forfeit six football game and will miss post-season play after TSSAA determined the school played an ineligible transfer player in six of the team’s first seven games.

Previously, Fayettevile had played a perfect season with a 9-0 overall record and a 5-0 Region 5A record. The vacated wins will leave the team 3-6 overall and winless in the district. The move shakes up the Region 5A standings … moving Fayetteville out of the top spot. The new rankings are: 1) Cornersville, 2) Huntland, 3) Moore County, 4) Mount Pleasant, 5) Richland, 6) Fayetteville.

According to the TSSAA, the transfer athlete did not move into the Fayetteville school system’s territory, “as defined by the TSSAA bylaws.”

On Saturday, the official Fayetteville City Schools Facebook page posted a copy of a September 6 letter to the high school stating, “Based on the information obtained by our office, TSSAA can confirm that the (redacted) family has had a bona fide change of address into the Fayetteville High School zone.”

According to them, TSSAA approved the transfer student and then reversed that decision. Fayetteville City Schools is appealing the decision. •

{Editor’s Notes: This is an ongoing story and we will update as new information is available.}

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