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Locals launch Moore County Operation Spay/Neuter

LOCAL NEWS — A group of concerned local merchants, dedicated volunteers, Lynchburg Friends of Animals, Lynchburg Veterinary Hospital, and this newspaper have joined forces to attack the problem of unspayed and unneutered stray and abandoned animals in Lynchburg. They launched Moore County Operation Spay/Neuter on November 3.

Feral cats have lived on the Lynchburg Square for over 20 years. They meander around minding their own business and mostly staying out of the way. They’re charming, mostly harmless, and tend to keep any would be rodent problem in check. But they have health needs just like any other pet. Without adequate vet attention, feral cat communities can quickly get out of hand. One female cat can have up to three litters of four kittens each per year. That means just one unsterilized female cat can produce up to 180 kittens in her lifetime.

Cue Moore County Operation Spay/Neuter

Square merchants recently partnered with the Lynchburg Vet Hospital to trap, spay/neuter, and re-release feral cats around the Lynchburg Square. And they were feeling pretty good about their efforts too, until they realized there was a much bigger problem.

“We got a call from Moore County Head Start that there were cats there as well, including a momma with new kittens,” says Michelle Stubblefield, the owner of Lynchburg Gifts & More and one of the concerned local merchants. “Then neighbors near the Lynchburg Cemtery reported that cats were getting dumped there as well.”

Stubblefield says the immediate goal of the group is to get appropriate vet care for those recently discovered animals, including spaying and neutering, so that those feral communities don’t get out of hand.

“It’s really sad, because these animals can not control their circumstances,” says Stubblefield. “They deserve the best, most healthy life we can give them.”

Online fund-raising page

This handmade Jack Daniel birdhouse created by local Sara Hope is just one of the items available on the Operation Spay/Neuter Fund-raising page.

The group plans to raise money for the project with a concept that’s a win-win for supporters. They’ve create a fund-raising page on Facebook that offers short term, silent auctions of items donated by local merchants and the community at large. Page administrators post new items almost daily with photos and a suggested minimum bid. Then those who follow the page have seven days to bid on the items. At the end of seven days, the highest bids wins.

Currently, the page offers mostly items that would make great holiday gifts. Moving forward they’ll operate as one part silent auction, one part indoor yard sale, and one part social media flea market with cool finds, Jack Daniel collectibles, repurposed furniture, local art, handmade items, and other generously donated items.

One hundred percent of the money goes to the Operation Spay/Neuter Fund at the Lynchburg Veterinary Hospital. Once the immediate needs of the community animals at the square, head start, and cemetery are met, the group hopes to continue to fund raise and offer low cost spaying and neutering for Moore County residents.

To join the page click here. Those who would like to donate an item may drop it off at Lynchburg Gifts & More. Donated items are also on display at the Lynchburg Veterinary Hospital. •

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