Motlow launches new Digital Archive Project on Dec. 13

Newspaper clippings like this one are part of Motlow College’s new digital archive project. {Photo Provided}

LOCAL NEWS — It all started when Motlow State staff started gathering historic items for their 50th anniversary.

“When we saw the content, we knew these artifacts needed to be featured as one of our celebrated 50th anniversary milestones,” said Terri Bryson, Vice President of External Affairs. “This has been a real labor of love for our library staff. They have worked hard curating and digitizing huge portions of the college’s archival material. It’s important to note, though, this collection exists as a testimony of the faithfullness shared by 50 years of devoted historians and librarians.”

That faithfullness led to a digital archive project that will preserve these one-of-a-kind documents, many which are rapidly deteriorating, for years to come. Motlow staff will unveil the project on Friday, December 13 at the Clayton-Glass Library on the Moore County campus from 8-10 a.m. The event will offer a sneak preview of the gallery before the digital site goes live on Christmas Eve.

The project’s already helping students, the college says.

“As new students become aware of the site, they learn more about the creation and presentation of recent historical events, particularly regional events that influence their lives today. As historians assert, learning about the past informs the present.”

The resource will also serve as wonderful collection of primary source documents related to the college and the areas that surround each campus.

It’s been designed with our new social lives in mind. A social media plug-in within the digital archives allows user to share items directly that have rarely been seen outside the library walls. An additional Google analytics plug-in also allow Motlow to monitor the sites traffic and user statistics, which will help them as they build future digital platforms.

“Our hope is that easy access to this collection of memorable content will help alumni reconnect with their alma mater and become champions for our next 50 years,” said Motlow’s Director of Libraries Chris Bryant.

The Motlow Library Digital Archive will go live Dec. 24 as a special holiday gift to the college’s social media followers. For more information and to RSVP for the event, visit … on Twitter and Instagram, follow @MotlowState … on Facebook, follow @MotlowStateCC.•

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