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You’re So Lynchburg If …Thanksgiving Edition

What a great time to come home for the holidays. They now sell beer on the Lynchburg Square. The weather’s gonna be absolutely perfect this weekend. And you know mama’s been in the kitchen since at least Tuesday cooking all your favorites. There are some things that just make Lynchburg special. After all … we are the most famous small town in America. So we asked our readers, “What makes you so Lynchburg if …” and they did not disappoint.

You’re so Lynchburg if …

1 | At least one relative around the Thanksgiving table is furious that you can now buy beer with your pizza and barbecue on the square.

2| There’s a little local product in at least one of your family’s Thanksgiving desserts.

3| You nearly called 9-1-1 after a near miss with a fried turkey.

4 | You’re a little hungover during Thanksgiving because had too much fun “up town” in Tullahoma the Wednesday before but you tell your grandma it’s the stomach flu … again this year.

5 | That friendly game of touch football got out of hand and now your brothers aren’t speaking to one another.

6 | There’s at least one dish on your table that someone hunted, fished, or grew in their backyard.

7| You really need to know what time Woodard’s closes around Thanksgiving in case you need one more thing.

8 | Despite the fact that you’re of legal drinking age, you still sit at the “kid’s table” during Thanksgiving because there isn’t enough room for everyone at the “big table.”

9 | Several family members show up with their own “Tupperware” to secure their fair share of the leftovers.

10 | You run into someone who used to know you as a child and they ask, “now who’s your daddy again?”.

11 | The cranberry sauce is served with those little dents from the tin can still in it.

12 | Cousin Joey isn’t allowed to leave the table until he tries at least one spoonful of everything … and it’s turned into a standoff.

13 | Someone says, “bless her heart” in reference to dry dressing.

14 | There’s a deviled eggs goblin.

15 | You brother’s new girlfriend just has to go tour the distillery … so you make a day of playing tourist.

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