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Get Lynchburg-specific weather alerts through Moore EMA program

LOCAL NEWS — Monday night, a strong storm cell barreled through southern, middle Tennessee bringing heavy rains and strong winds. For over an hour, parts of southern Moore County braced for the worst. Luckily, our area missed the tornadoes that touched down from the same system in Louisiana and Mississippi

Be prepared the next time strong storm (or any weather emergency) is headed our way by signing up for weather notifications, brought to you by the Metro Moore County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) through the program Hyper-Reach.

It only takes a second. The simple sign up form is tailored to Lynchburg and Moore County. You enter your address, name, any special evacuation needs, and the best way to reach you (voice call, text, or email) … that’s it. You’re done. When you receive alerts from via telephone, the Caller ID will show  any of (931) 307-7016, (585) 419-0890 , and if you signed up for text alerts, you will receive text alerts from any of the following numbers: (833) 472-5378, (618) 589-2255, (618) 589-1337, (618) 589-1351 or (585) 209-5563. So if you are the kind of person who doesn’t answer unknown calls, you might want to add these numbers to your contacts.

To sign up for Moore County Weather Alerts through Metro EMA, click here. You can also download the Hyper-Reach Anywhere app on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play. •

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