Dustin Lynch hosts album release party for “Tullahoma” on January 17

Dustin Lynch’s new album is intended to be a “tip of his hat” to his hometown. Marathon Music Works will host a album release party on January 17. {Cover Art Provided}

He’s a native from right down the road in Tullahoma, and his newest album celebrates the southern, middle Tennessee stomping grounds we all know. On January 17, his Tullahoma album release party will happen at Marathon Music Works in Nashville and as of press time, tickets were still available. Click here for details.

Critics have called the new album a ride down a two-lane road come to life and a musical self-portrait. He says every song, “points to something that happened to me or my close friends and family, and that’s really cool.”

Songs like Momma’s House, Dirt Road, Ridin’ Road, Little Town Livin’ … should all resonate with folks who are from around here. The album also features Lynch’s 2019 hit, Good Girl.

“I’m very proud of where I’m from,” Lynch says in a press release, “and proud of this record because it will hopefully make my hometown a little more famous than it already is.”

Lynch co-produced the album with his longtime friend and collaborator, Zach Crowell. He’ll launch a tour to support the album on January 30 with the first show in Detroit. For complete tour dates and locations, click here. •

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