Moore coyote sightings on the rise

LOCAL NEWS — If you happen to run across a coyote in the next couple of months, relax … it’s normal for this time of year.

According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency, coyote mating season happens in January, February, and March in southern, middle Tennessee and that means that sightings may be on the rise. Typically, coyotes are nocturnal animals but when they breed daytime activity can increase. They can also become more aggressive during breeding season.

State wildlife officials say there are some things you can do to avoid an untimely run in with a love struck coyote. Eliminate outdoor water sources that can attract rodents, birds, and other small animals. Also, do not place trash cans out the night before pick up day. This can invite a scavenger. Small pet owners should be especially vigilant. Don’t allow small dogs and cats to run free and don’t leave them unattended outdoors … especially at night.

When we asked local vet Bryant Morton of Lynchburg Veterinary Hospital if he’s seen an uptick in coyote-related pet injuries, he said maybe.

“I would say possibly and owners have suspected such but nothing confirmed,” he said.

He also said the dogs most at risk would be smaller dogs or ones less able to defend themselves like geriatric dogs or very young puppies. He also added that coyotes tend to be more aggressive and problematic when they are in packs as compared to the one ones hunting by themselves.

If you do run into a coyote, pick up any smaller dogs or children immediately. Make noise and throw things at the coyote in an effort to scare it off. You should never run or turn your back. •

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