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Flu cases increase; Vaccine still available locally

LOCAL NEWS — If you’re sick … stay home. This is the take away this week from the recent uptick in confirmed flu cases … especially in the student population here in Moore County.

On Tuesday, Metro Director of Schools Chad Moorehead decided to close all Moore County schools for the remainder of the week due to illness. Previously scheduled athletic events remain scheduled at this time but Moorehead cautioned any sick fans to “stay home and get well.” Following suit, the organizers of the annual Miss Lynchburg Pageant decided to postpone their event until February 8 for similar reason. The event was originally scheduled for this Saturday.

It seems to be a prudent move. Also on Tuesday, the State Department of Health confirmed the eighth pediatric death in Tennessee related to the current flu season. Three of those deaths took place in Middle Tennessee. As of last week, 45 of Tennessee’s 95 counties had at least one confirmed flu case. According to the CDC, Tennessee continues to rank high in flu activity.

Lori Neal Russel of the Lynchburg Medical Clinic says her office did see a slight spike in cases last week.

“I think it’s been bad in kids,” she told The Times. “But not too bad in adults.”

Flu symptoms include a fever of over 100 degrees plus aches, fatigue, weakness, cough, and a headache. Symptoms usually happen abruptly. Medical professional say it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you’re feeling sick, stay at home as patients remain contagious for three to four days.

Flu vaccines are still available at the Metro Moore Health Department as well as Lynchburg Medical Clinic. LMC also has high dose vaccines recommended for patients 65 years and older. To make an appointment with the Health Department, call 931-759-4251. To make an appointment with the Lynchburg Medical Clinic, call 931-759-4197. •

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