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State fire officials warn about Tik Tok penny challenge

It’s all fun and games until someone burns the house down.

The Nashville Fire Department in conjunction with the Tennessee Department of Commerce (TDIC) and Insurance want to make sure parents are aware of the fire risk associated with the last social media challenge. The Penny Challenge or Outlet Challenge is circulating on Tik Tok, a popular social media app for pre-teens and teens. In it, kids are encouraged to partially insert a copper penny between a phone charger and an electricity outlet so that it touches the exposed prongs. The desired result is an intense spark but kids could get more than they bargain for.

It could spark a fire in the wall behind the outlet, cause electrical system damage, as well as burns and personal injuries. Two set of students in Michigan and Massachutes have been charged criminally for causing damages at their school.

“We’re advising parents and educators to be on the lookout for this challenge and look for signs of fire play like scorched outlets and the smell of smoke. Know someone who’s thinking about doing this? Tell an adult,” Said TDCI on their Twitter page. •

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