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Metro Council names 2020 boards and committee members

LOCAL NEWS — The Metro Moore County Council named and approved committee member for 2020 on Monday night. They are as follows:

Budget Committee: Amy Cashion (Chair), John Taylor, Gordon Millsaps, David Boyce, and Gerald Burnett

Finance Committee: Lynn Harrison (Chair), Sandy Lewis, Wayne Hawkins, Keith Moses, and Shawn Adams

Industrial Board: Tommy Brown (chair), Sunny Rae Moorehead, Wayne Hawkins, Keith Moses, and Arvis Bobo

Policy and Procedures Committee: Arvis Bobo (chair), Sunny Rae Moorehead, Meghan Bailey, Houston Lindsey, and Gerald Burnett

Ambulance, Jail and Fire Committee: David Boyce (chair), Amy Cashion, John Taylor, Houston Lindsey, and Denning Harder

Building and Grounds Committee: Sandy Lewis (chair), Meghan Bailey, Houston Lindsey, Shawn Adams, and Denning Harder

Highway Advisory Board: Wayne Hawkins (chair), Sandy Lewis, Gordon Millsaps, Arvis Bobo, and Denning Harder

The Metro Council meets on the third Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the American Legion Building. To have your item added to the agenda, contact Mayor Lewis’s office at 931-759-7076.•

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