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Senator Bowling kills state deregulation bill

STATE NEWS — A week ago State Senator Janice Bowling (R-Tullahoma) introduced a senate bill that would remove state license requirements for over 25 professions. It was one of two companion bills. In the House, Representative Martin Daniel (R – Knoxville) introduced HB 1945 and in the Senate Janice Bowling (R – Tullahoma) introduced SB 1914.

A couple of days later Senator Bowling place her bill in a general subcommittee – effectively killing it. Any bill that passes the House must then progress to the Senate. If the bill remains in subcommittee, there no way for it to progress into state law.

The bills sought to remove licensing requirements for 27 different professions including: accountants, architects, engineers, landscape architects, and interior designers, barbers, cosmetologists, funeral directors and embalmers, contractors, home inspectors, plumbers, locksmiths, real estate brokers, land surveyors, soil scientists, auctioneers, those involved with pesticides, rental location agents, private investigators, polygraph examiners, individuals engaged with fire protection sprinkler systems, servicers of fire extinguishers and related equipment, alarm contractors, private protective services, geologists, tattoo artists, body piercing artists, real estate appraisers, and professional employer organization.

Supporters said that occupational licensing is an impediment to employment. Opponents say that consumers who are exposed to potentially dangerous instruments and harmful chemicals as well as those exposed to financial losses should remain protected. In particular, cosmetologist were very vocally opposed to the bill on social media and organized a Change the Bill Campaign. •

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