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Lynchburg Leapling: Staples celebrates “eighth” birthday

Holly recently celebrated the milestone of her “eighth” birthday by heading to Sewanee with local photographer Jill Mansfield for a birthday shoot. {Photo Credit Grass Roots Photography}

By Tabitha Evans Moore | Editor & Publisher

She’s one in a million … well one in four million to be exact. And as far as we can discern, the only leapling in Lynchburg. Despite the fact that she’s a Motlow College student who can legally drive, Moore County native Holly Staples will celebrate her eighth “official” birthday today (Saturday, February 29).

She’s the second oldest of four children born to Steve and Shirley Staples of Lynchburg and she says her birthday’s always been a source of a little friendly teasing.

“Growing up my siblings used to always pick on me on birthdays,” she said. “They’d wait until the very last minute to say, Happy Birthday.”

Being a Leap Year baby does make her feel special and different though her parents really never made a big deal about it.

“We’d usually just celebrate on the last day of February or the first day of March, whichever came closer to the weekend, really,” she said. “I had skating parties and sleepover parties just like any other kid.”

Leap Year babies are known for their unique personalities and abilities. Superman is a leapling. So are celeb like Ja Rule, Tony Robbins, and Winchester native Dinah Shore. Working towards a Mass Communications degree, Staples uses her writing and photography to express her individuality.

“I strive to be a great writer and storyteller,” she says.

In addition to her studies, she runs a personal blog, The Vintage Writer, as well as her photography Instagram page @wandering_compass29 where she shares images from Tims Ford Lake, local back roads, and places she’s explored .

Surprisingly, her elusive birthday’s never caused her much legal or technical issues. She got her driver’s license on time with no hassle. Registering for college was no big deal.

“The only problem I ever had ironically was on my 21st birthday. My friends and I went to spend the night at the Opryland hotel in Nashville. I ordered a bottle of our local product to celebrate and room service didn’t believe me.”

Staples plans to spend her “eighth” birthday in style. She recently hired local photographer Jill Mansfield of Grass Roots Photography to take a birthday shoot in nearby Sewanee to commemorate the day. She also says she and her parents have plans to celebrate at High Pointe in Monteagle.

“After that, my friends and I will probably just go to Broadway in Nashville to have dinner and listen to some live music,” she says. “It will be a great eighth birthday.” •

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