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MUD announces billing, due date changes

LOCAL NEWS — The Metro Utilities Department announced on Tuesday that they’ll be making significant billing changes beginning in July. As a result, your due dates, invoice format, and account numbers will all be changing.

According to a press release, the changes will happen “to allow enhanced usage information and more online options for reviewing and paying your water bill.” Consequently, all water meters will be read on the last full week of any given month and all MUD bills will arrive the first week of the month. Then bills will be due no later than the 15th of each month.

“We understand that you may have to make adjustments to accommodate the new due date,” MUD officials told The Times. “During the months of July and August, we will waive any penalty or late fee for bills due on the 15th and not paid until after the 25th of the month. Any payment received after the 25th of the month will incur a 10% penalty.”

After the month of August, all due dates and penalties will be applied as stated on the bill. Any customer on automatic payments through ACH, will see those payments post on the 15th unless that date falls on a weekend. In that case, automatic payments will be processed the first business day after the 15th.

Starting in July, members can also login into the Metro Utility Department website to view their usage, or pay their bills online.

“We’re excited about many of the new offerings we will be able to provide in the future as a result of this change but we also understand how changing the due date can be disruptive. That’s why we will work with you to make this transition as easy as possible,” MUD officials said.

For more information, contact the MUD offices at 931.759.4297. •

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