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Moore schools prepare coronavirus response plan

LOCAL NEWS — It’s better to be safe that sorry … that’s the attitude of the Moore County school system this week as they put the final touches on their Pandemic Response Plan.

When Coordinated School Health Supervisor Wendy Hart attended the Tennessee Department of Education Coordinated School Health Institute in Franklin last week, coronavirus wasn’t a session topic but there were lots of side talks about the potential effects on public education. According to Hart, a few schools were ahead of the curve and already adapted a pandemic response plan should the worst happen.

“We adapted ours from Franklin County school system plan,” says Hart. “I partnered with Emergency Management Director Jason Deal, Sara Bates from the Metro Health Department, Debbie Dickey of South Central Public Health, and our school nurse Shea Logan to review the plan and make adjustments to fit our system.”  

Educators structured the plan in tiers that can be implemented as a situation progresses. It identifies the steps that should be taken and who is responsible for those steps. The plan addresses not only the COVID-19 virus but also any sort of pandemic influenza that could be transmitted in a crowded setting. In total, there are six levels of response ranging from Level 1 – no known infections to Level 6 – the pandemic phase.

“Currently, we are at Level 3,” said Hart. “Basically preventative measures, preparation for what if, and information being presented to the public.”

The 14 page plan is considered a working document and will be adjusted and updated as needed. Additional coronavirus information is available on the Moore County School System’s website. •

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