Distillery postpones spring Wyooter hunt

LOCAL NEWS — Earlier in the week, Jack Daniel’s announced that along with closing the distillery to public tours as well as the Lynchburg Hardware and General Store and Miss Mary Bobo’s Restaurant that they’d be postponing the annual spring Wyooter Hunt – a private event for Tennessee Squires.

It all started way back in May 1865. That’s when the first Wyooter – a large hairy beast that’s one part Big Foot and one part Boogie Man – was first spotted in the hills of Lynchburg near the cave spring at Jack. Facts are scarce and legends aplenty when it comes to the Wyooter. Some say he’s a ghost … others a Sasquatch.

Either way, let all raise a glass to “social distancing” and enjoy a Wyooter Hooter. That’s one part local product, four parts ginger ale, and a splash of grenadine for the uninitiated. And be on the lookout for migrating varmints in your neck of the woods. •

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