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March 29 Update: Confirmed cases now in Bedford, Coffee, Franklin, and Lincoln counties

On Sunday at 2 p.m. the Tennessee Department of Health reported that the four counties that surround Moore County all now have confirmed COVID-19 cases. Moore County is one of just 21 Tennessee counties to have no confirmed cases.

Today, the state number of confirmed cases jumped by 164 to 1,537 – an 11 percent increase. The state raised the total number of COVID-19 related deaths to seven.

Here’s a summary of the this week’s events:

MONDAY | The state confirms a case in Lincoln County. Franklin County confirmed a case the previous day. The City of Tullahoma issued a Shelter at Home order and declared a state of emergency.

TUESDAY | Tullahoma walks back their Shelter in Place order and lifts their curfew. The number of cases increased by 52 but less than one percent of the state population have been tested. Still no confirmed cases in Moore, Bedford, or Coffee counties.

WEDNESDAY | Wednesday’s cases spiked to 784 and the Tennessee Department of Health also confirmed a case in Bedford County. Three of the four counties surrounding Moore County now have COVID-19 cases.

THURSDAY | State numbers continue to inch near the 1,000 mark while Moore County continues to be one of the few Tennessee counties without a confirmed case.

FRIDAY | COVID-19 numbers in the state broke the 1,000 mark with the total of new cases now at 1,203 according to the Tennessee Department of Health. With 85,356 cases the U.S. becomes the epicenter of the pandemic.

SATURDAY | Tullahoma Mayor Lane Curlee confirms that Coffee County now has its first confirmed case. This means that all four counties surrounding Moore County – Bedford, Coffee, Franklin, and Lincoln – all have confirmed COVID-19 cases.

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