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REAL ID deadline pushed back to October 2021 due to COVID-19

Federal officials can quickly identify Real ID credentials by the gold star in the top right corner. {Art Provided}

STATE NEWS — The Department of Homeland Security recently decided to postpone the REAL ID deadline to next October according to statement from Acting Secretary Chad Wolf.

“Due to circumstances resulting from the coronavirus pandemic and the national emergency declaration, DHS, as directed by President Trump, is extending the REAL ID enforcement deadline,” Wolf stated.

To obtain a REAL ID you’ll need an original copy of the following: proof of citizenship such as a birth certificate, proof of your Social Security Number, and two proofs of Tennessee residency such as a home utility bill or vehicle registration. For a complete list, click here.

According to the state’s website, “A REAL ID will cost the same as current Tennessee licenses and IDs. If it is time to renew your license, the cost to obtain a REAL ID driver license or Identification credential will be the standard renewal fee of an 8-year credential. However, if you are not within your renewal period and you wish to obtain a REAL ID compliant credential, you will be charged a duplicate fee.”

Anyone issued a Tennessee drivers license after July 1, 2019 should already have a REAL ID. Look for the gold star in the top right corner. The new IDs are not mandatory. If you choose not to get a REAL ID, the words “Not for Federal Identification” will appear on the top of your license. You need a federal ID to board any airplane. For more information, click here. •

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