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May 1 COVID-19 Updates: 6 Things You Need to Know

{Graphic Courtesy of the TN Department of Health}

The Tennessee Department of Health released new COVID-19 case counts on Friday at 2 p.m. and Tennessee now reports 11,891 (1,156 more than the previous day). Our state has now experienced 204 deaths (five more since yesterday). According to the state, 5,546 COVID-19 patients have recovered. That’s around 47 percent of reported cases. As of today, 186,132 of Tennessee’s 6.8 million residents have been tested. Here’s the top six things you need to know for today:

1 | Moore County starts May with four total cases. In April, Moore County ended with three new Tennessee Department of Health confirmed cases as well as a single case at Lynchburg Nursing Center that’s not included in that total. As of May 1, those were still out numbers with 155 Moore County citizens being tested.

2 | Regionally, the state identified Bedford County as a hotspot. On Friday, their confirmed cases number had increased to 184 – that’s five times more than any of Moore County’s other surrounding counties. Bedford Counties official point to resent spike in cases at the Tyson Chicken Plant as the cause. Tyson official recently closed the plant for deep-cleaning before re-opening.

3 | Nearly 150,000 more tested in April. During the month of April, Tennessee added 8,052 new COVID-19 cases. There were also 175 deaths in April. Overall, Tennessee ramped up testing efforts with 177,626 citizens tested in April – that’s a 145,174 increase.

4 | Two percent of all confirmed COVID-19 cases result in a death. Of the 11,891 total cases in the state, 204 have died. However, there are 6.8 million residents of Tennessee. If that two percent continues, it would result in 136,000 deaths.

5 | State will test all nursing home resident and patients. Governor Bill Lee stated on Thursday in a conversation with President Trump that Tennessee has plan to test all 175,000 residents and staff at the state’s 700 long-term care facilities for COVID-19.

6 | Drive thru testing will happen again this weekend. On Saturday, they’ll test at the Lincoln County Senior Citizens Center from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and again on Sunday at the Giles County Agripark from 12-3 p.m.

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