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May 11 COVID-19 Update: 4 Things You Need to Know Today

The Tennessee Department of Health released new COVID-19 case counts on Monday at 2 p.m. and Tennessee now reports 15,544 confirmed cases (559 more than the previous day). Our state has now experienced 251 deaths. That’s eight more than yesterday. According to the state, 8,038 COVID-19 patients have recovered. That’s around 52 percent of reported cases. As of today, 273,277 of Tennessee’s 6.8 million residents have been tested. Here’s the top four things you need to know for today:

1| Moore at low risk for second wave. A Nashville-based healthcare data company called Decode Health released a map of counties in the state showing where they believe people are most at-risk of being hospitalized. Bedford, Davidson, Sumner, Robertson, Montgomery, Wilson, Rutherford, Williamson, and Maury counties were most at risk in Middle Tennessee (Level 4). Moore County was a Level 1, the lowest risk. The group also identified Coffee County as Level 4. Franklin and Lincoln counties were identified as Level 3 risks. (Source: https://bit.ly/2LkSgqo)

2 | Cases now confirmed in 94 of 95 counties. Pickett County confirmed it’s first COVID-19 case on Sunday leaving Hancock County as the lone Tennessee county without a confirmed case. Hancock County has tested 96 people.

3 | Harvard Study show Tennessee ahead in testing. A new Harvard Global Health Institute / NPR Study show that the Volunteer State is ahead of the curve national when it comes to testing. At 8,365 tests per day, the state is doing far more than the 3,266 daily tests recommended. (Source: https://bit.ly/2Lw4ay1)

4 | Sen. Lamar Alexander  exposed and in self quarantine. On Sunday, officials announced that Sen. Lamar Alexander is in self quarantine after a member of his staff tested positive for the virus. Sen. Alexander tested negative for COVID-19 last week. •

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