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Local Farmers: No meat shortage … buy local

Local beef farmers say there’s no shortage of beef. Meat processing plants are closed and that’s not the same thing. Pictured is a Tomahawk Ribeye from Farrar Farms in Flat Creek. {Photo Credit: Alex Belew}

As more and more Americans stay at home during the COVID-19 situation, the demand for beef is going up. Combine that with commercial slaughter houses and processing plants temporarily going offline and … well, there could be a kink in the supply chain.

But don’t panic, local beef farmers say. There’s no meat shortage. True some larger beef operation and commercial meat processing and packaging plants have been forced to close due to COVID-19 concerns but there are still lots of smaller, local producers … many in Moore County … who sell direct to the public and would love to have your business.

1 | For example, Golden Gait Farm in Flat Creek sells to the general public. It’s owned by Lynchburg Vet Hospital’s Bryant and Wendy Morton. They raise grass-fed Herefords and Angus/Herefords on 240 acres. You can contact them via their Facebook page or their website.

2 | The Farrar family owns Lynchburg Beef just outside Moore County. Brothers Mark and Jeff own Lynchburg Beef and a cousin, Tim, raises the cattle. They pride themselves on raising pasture-raised, hormone-free, sour mash fed happy cows. They are fifth generation farmers and operate the 169 year-old farm started by their great-great-grandfather, James Franklin Farrar. You can contact them via their Facebook page or their website.

3 | Metro Moore County Fire Chief Mark Neal also does double duty as a beef farmer. His Fox Trails Farm in Raysville offers quarter, half, or whole steers or heifers for sale. That meat will be ready to send to a local processor in December. To contact him, call 931-409-0775.

4 | Local producer Randall George also sells to the public from right across the Moore County line in Lincoln County. He’s a RWG registered beef master who focus on selling local, lean, heart-healthy cuts. His cows are also super happy because he feeds them a mixture of dried distillers grain from Jack Daniel as well as shelled corn. You can reach him at 931-581-1127.

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