Wanna fish with Lynchburg native Bill Dance?

Bill Dance learned to fish with his grandfather along the banks of the Mulberry Creek. You can win a fishing trip with him by supporting the 2020 Tennessee Conservation Raffle. [Photo Credit: Stephen Walcott via TWRF}

Did you know the legendary angler Bill Dance – yeah the one in the ever-present UT baseball cap – is a native of Lynchburg? Before he became the host of multiple fishing television series and an author … well, he learned to fish right here on the Mulberry Creek.

And you could win a dream fishing trip with him if you support the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Foundation (TWRF) and their 2020 Tennessee Conservation Raffle.

The winner will be treated to a one day, six hour trip with one of America’s most recognized anglers. Dance has generously donated the trip and depending on the time of year and his schedule, the trip could be fishing for Mississippi River catfish, jigging for crappie, or going after largemouth bass in one of West Tennessee’s many lakes.

Formerly known as the Elk Tag Raffle, this year’s Conservation Raffle has opportunities for everyone whether a hunter, fisherman, camper, or lover of the outdoors. One hundred percent of the funds from the raffle goes to support wildlife habitat restoration.

In addition to the fishing package, other packages available this year include an elk hunting package, a deer hunting package, an off-road package, a turkey hunting package, a waterfowl hunting package, and a camping package. All the packages feature additional items and a complete list of the prizes can be found by clicking here.

A single ticket is $20 and are on sale now until August 16. There is no limit to the number of raffle tickets that can be purchased. Raffle tickets may be purchased online directly by clicking here. The winning tickets will be drawn live this year at the August meeting of the Commission which will be held in Kingsport. •

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