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New Motörhead biopic sure to feature Jack Daniel’s

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Lemmy of Motörhead poses with a bottle of local product for a publicity picture. Hollywood is working on a biopic of the iconic rockers life that’s sure to feature a bottle of Jack. {Photo Provided}

Product placement anyone? A film about an iconic rock star is coming to screens soon and it’s sure to feature his preferred whiskey … Jack Daniel’s.

Musician biopics are all the rage. First, we learned about Freddie Mercury and Queen in Bohemian Rhapsody and then Elton John’s life inspired Rocketman. Now, Ian “Lemmy” Kilmster and Motörhead are up next and of course, it will feature a scene with Lemmy drinking his fave cocktail, a Jack and Coke.

The film’s director, Greg Olliver, says he plans to use the myths surrounding Lemmy to tell his story and one of those involves his love of our local product. Reportedly one scene will involve Lemmy famously drinking Jack Daniel for breakfast.

The English singer, songwriter and bass player died on December 28, 2015 at age 70. His death happened just days after being diagnosed with cancer.

Lemmy so loved Jack Daniel that after his death their was a change.org petition that garnered nearly 50,000 signatures asking that the official name of a Jack and Coke be changed to the Lemmy. The distillery also loved his right back. In 2016, Jack Daniel’s introduced a special single-barrel whiskey in honor of Motörhead. It enjoyed an extremely limited 288 bottle run.

Oliver also directed the 2010 documentary titled, Lemmy. His new biopic is set to go into production next year, and no release date is yet set. The lead role is also yet to be cast. •

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