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Dickel releases Bottled in Bond 2.0

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George Dickel Master Distiller Nicole Austin handpicked both sets of barrels used for her Bottled in Bond iteration. The new release recently hit liquor stores and is selling fast. {Photo Courtesy of George Dickel}

TULLAHOMA — Cascade Hollow is a magical place. Moderate temps 365 days a year lead to a slow, steady mellowing process that ages their George Dickel whiskey just right.

Last year, George Dickel Master Distiller Nicole Austin explored their local rickhouses looking for forgotten treasure and hit pay dirt. She happened upon a long-forgotten batch of 13-year-old stock, all distilled in a single season. This just happens to be the very same requirement of the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897. Once she tasted these 2005 barrels, the whiskey immediately stood out. The folks at Whisky Advocate Magazine seem to agree. George Dickel’s first Bottled in Bond was number one on the 2019 Top 20 Whiskies of the Year.

Now, Austin’s at it again with a second Bottled in Bond that consumers are snapping off the shelves. This time, it’s an 11 year old whiskey that’s 84 percent corn, eight percent rye and eight percent malt. It’s a bit younger than the first Bottled in Bond but identical in meeting the strict definition of a bottled in bond whiskey: 100 percent pure whiskey produced at a single distillery during one distilling session that at least four years old and 100 proof.

This iteration pours dark honey colored and enjoys notes of pecan and apple and a distinct nuttiness. It’s warm but with very little bite. In fact, served neat with a single ice cube brings out the maple, caramel, and oak.

And at it’s $40 price point, it’s a heck of a southern, middle Tennessee whiskey buy … if you can find it. To learn more, visit the George Dickel website by clicking here. •

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