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Rolling Stones concert film plays at the drive in

The U.S. issued an embargo on Cuba on February 7, 1962 prohibiting all exports after Cuba nationalized an American-owned oil refinery without compensation. It’s why Cuban cigars became the holy grail of the aficinado world and why modern day Cuban drivers are still fond of 60’s era vintage American cars.

During his second term, then President Barack Obama re-established diplomatic relations after Cuba agreed to a prisoner exchange. On May 29, 2015 the U.S. State Department rescinded Cuba’s designation as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Less than a year later, on March 25, 2016, the Rolling Stones performed a free, outdoor concert at a sports complex in front of an estimated 500,000 Cubans. It marked the first time a foreign rock band played an open-air concert in Cuba to a crowd that size.

On Friday, July 10 the Montana Drive In will show The Rolling Stones: Havana Moon – the concert film from that performance that explores the first time in their 50 year career that the Rollings Stones played live in Havana, Cuba.

Music as a tool for social change

The concert took place five days after President Obama visited Cuba. It was the first time a sitting president visited the island nation in 88 years — since Calvin Coolidge in 1928. Prior to their performance, The Stones were guests at the British Embassy in Cuba where over 200 people, including many Cuban musicians, attended. Following the concert, The Stones launched  a “musician-to-musician” charity initiative in which musical instruments were donated by major instrument suppliers to Cuban musicians of all genres.

“This was no ordinary concert. People hugged and shared looks of disbelief. Coming at the end of a run of shows in South America and Mexico, last night might have marked at least a temporary pause for the legendary group, but it had all the markings of a new chapter for music in Cuba,” said Rolling Stone author Richard L. Dewey at the time.

The film explores the ways in which music can be used as a tool for social change. It will cost $8 per person (car load prices will not apply to this screening). For more information, visit the Montana Drive In website by clicking here. •

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