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Moore County added five new COVID cases this week

Cases in Moore County are spiking as shown in this TN Department of Health graphic. {Graphic Provided)

Things are moving fast on the COVID-19 front in Moore County and across Tennessee. Each week, we try to highlight the things you need to know to keep you and your loved one safe.

1 | Cases are increasing in Moore County. Moore County added 5 new cases this week. On Saturday, July 4 the state reported just 12 cases in Moore County. By Friday, that number had jumped to 17. The Tennessee Department of Health as labeled Moore County as one to watch because we’ve gotten more than 10 new cases since July 3.

2 | Cases are surging statewide. On Wednesday, Tennessee experienced it’s biggest one-day jump in confirmed cases since the Tennessee Department of Health started updating daily numbers. Confirmed coronavirus cases jumped to 55,986 – a 2,472 one day increase. On Friday, the state experienced it’s second biggest increase with 1,955 more than the previous day.

3 | Shelbyville continues to be a regional hotspot. Bedford County continues to be a southern, middle Tennessee hotspot ending this week with 598 confirmed cases – 39 more than the previous week.

4 | Tests are free to anyone who wants one. Anyone who wants to be tested for COVID-19 in Tennessee may do so – regardless of symptoms – and the state will pay for it. This week, locals experienced long lines at the drive through testing center at the Coffee County Health Department in Manchester. Locals can also be tested at the Moore County Health Department on Majors Boulevard. Call 931-759-4251 for testing hours or to make an appointment.

5 | Positivity rate is a key metric. Many argue that more testing equals more positive results. That true but the metric that really matters is the positivity rate, which calculates the number of positive test based on the total number tested. The World Health Organization recommends that the positivity rate should be less than five percent or below for social distancing measure to be relaxed. Tennessee’s current positivity rate is 8.9 % and Moore County’s is 3.1%.

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