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Nonprofit claims Manchester released raw sewage into the Duck River

{Editor’s Note: This is a breaking story and we will update here when more details become available.}

A non-profit organization is suing the City of Manchester for illegally dumping untreated sewage into the Duck River. {Photo Courtesy of the City of Manchester}

MANCHESTER — A state non-profit named Tennessee River Keeper filed a lawsuit against the City of Manchester on July 9 claiming the city has dumped nearly 34 million gallons of untreated sewage into the Duck River. Click here to view a copy of that complaint.

Tennessee River Keepers is filing the suit under the umbrella of the Clean Water Act. The group claims that the Manchester Sewage Treatment Plant has received over “336 violations within the past five years and over 33,930,595 gallons of untreated sewage” have been released. It also states that EPA records show over 50 sanitary sewer overflows from January to February 2020.

Tennessee Riverkeepers is seeking an immediate injunction and a $37,500 civil penalty along with their legal costs. •

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