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School Board approves re-opening plan … on time and without required masks

The re-opening working group looks on as the Metro School Board discusses their plan. The board approved for schools to open on time on August 5. {Lynchburg Times Photo}

MOORE COUNTY — Moore County schools won’t require masks and students have the option to learn onsite or remotely. Those are the take aways from the 2020-21 Re-opening Framework approved by the Metro School Board Thursday night in front of a crowd or around 30 teachers, parents, concerned citizens, and public officials.

The plan states the school system will encourage but not require mask, take temperature checks daily before entering, restrict outside visitors, and maintain social distancing when feasible

The 30 page plan makes a point of also stating the things it does not do including require masks (except in school buses), guarantee that students will be able to maintain six feet of distance at all times, or guarantee that all students appearing for on site learning will not be exposed to COVID-19.

A working group of teachers and administrators helped design the plan and when asked directly by school board member Jamie Cashion if they were comfortable they agreed that they were.

Board member Ronnie Smith, who also works for Metro in the Public Safety Department as an EMT, suggested that the board push back the start time for two weeks.

“I just think this is a short amount of time to get prepared, and cases are increasing daily in Moore County,” he said. “We’re one of the first schools to start. What would it hurt?”

Smith followed his comments with a motion to push back the school start date to August 17, which would have extended school until June 14. Board members Ed Cashion seconded the motion but at a roll call vote Smith was the only yes vote. Jamie Cashion, Ed Cashion, Lorie McKenzie, and Chris Roberts voted against.

After the vote, Director Moorehead stressed that the approval was just first steps and that “changes could be mandated by people above us.”

To view the entire plan, visit http://www.moorecountyschools.net. •

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