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Local historian seeks info about Capley’s Garage and The Red Hall

Local historian George Stone is looking for information about Capley’s Garage and the Red Hall that stood directly behind it. {Historic Photo Provided}

Even before the days of Jack Daniel’s Distillery, whiskey making has always been a principal industry in Moore County. In fact by 1877, there were as many as 23 distilleries operating in the county, according to local historians. The largest of these was the Eaton Tolley Distillery at County Line. They aged some of their whiskey in the The Red Hall, a large warehouse that sat directly behind what was then Capley’s Garage and today houses Indian Motorcycle’s Lynchburg Garage. Local historian George Stone is seeking info and in particular a good photos of both historic buildings.

Capley’s Garage once sat where Indian Motorcycle’s Lynchburg Garage now sits. The Red Hall would have been located directly behind it. {Lynchburg Times Photo}

“I do not know when the building was torn down or destroyed. I am hoping someone can tell me,” said Stone. “I also hope someone may have a complete photo of only the Red Hall.”

George Stone is a member of the Moore County Historical Society. You can reach him through their public Facebook Group by clicking here. •

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