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Unemployment work search requirement resumes

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Tennessee will resume its work search requirement for those receiving unemployment benefits beginning the last week of September. {File Photo}

STATE NEWS | According to the latest numbers available from the Tennessee Department of workforce and development, the unemployment rate in Moore County is 6.4 % – as compared to 9.5% for the state. That’s down from the 7.5% rate from June but up from the 3.9% unemployment rate for the same time period last year.

Unemployed citizens collecting unemployment benefits will need to once again complete weekly work searches beginning Sunday, October 4, according to a state press release.

Claimants who choose to continue receiving unemployment benefits will start work search activities during the week of Sunday, Sept. 27. They will then document those searches during their weekly certification for Sunday, Oct. 4, and each week after that date.

Furloughed or temporarily laid off claimants who currently have a definitive return to work date do not need to complete this requirement. Self employed individuals currently receiving benefits will be required to call on clients, submit bids or proposals, apply for contract or gig work, and / or attend training. Claimants who are out of work due to one of the COVID-19 reasons listed in the CARES Act may be exempt from performing job searches if they self-certify that they are unable to look for work due to one of the designations and are otherwise able and available, according to the state.

For one-on-one assistance, career specialists at Tennessee’s more than 80 American Job Centers can work with job seekers at no cost to provide customized job searches, job fairs, re-employment services, and eligibility assessment (RESEA) appointments, and help them determine if job training assistance is available. Centers are located regionally in Decherd, Fayetteville, Winchester, and Tullahoma. Click here for contact information.

Traditional job search methods also satisfy the requirement to remain eligible to receive benefits. If a claimant fails to complete their work searches, they will be denied benefits for the week they did not meet eligibility requirements. •

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