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Jack Honey, Jack Apple bottling returns to Lynchburg

Full bottling operation for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey and Tennessee Apple are headed back to Lynchburg after being bottled in Louisville in 2020. (Photo Credit: Jack Daniel’s Distillery)

LYNCHBURG — Jack Tennessee Honey and Jack Tennessee Apple are headed back home.

Earlier this week, Louisville TV station WLKY reported the Brown-Forman would be returning the bottling of both Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple solely back to Lynchburg

Previously, the popular new iteration of Lynchburg’s famous hometown product had been bottled both in Louisville and Lynchburg, according to the company. The switch will eliminate the cost of transporting the liquid from Lynchburg to Louisville and also result in the elimination of around 30-40 Louisville jobs.

“The moving of bottling volumes within our network is not unusual, as this product has previously been bottled at both locations, but these decisions are never easy to make. We will ensure the support services outlined in their contracts are provided,” the company said in a statement. •

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