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Request to apply for dog park grant get a “ruff” response

A Blue Heeler plays at a Tennessee Dog Park Dash sponsored park in nearby Columbia. The Metro Council voted against allowing Moore County to pursue a Boyd Foundation Grant to build a similar park in Lynchburg at last night’s meeting. (Photo Courtesy of TN Dog Park Dash)

LOCAL NEWS —After a thirty minute discussion that involved representatives from the South Central Development District, members of the public, several council members, Metro Mayor Bonnie Lewis, and Metro Attorney John T. Bobo a motion to allow Metro Moore County to apply for a $25,000 to $100,000 dog park grant failed by at 7-7 vote at last night’s meeting.

The grant, funded by the Randy Boyd Foundation, would have give non-matching grant money to build a public dog park with amenities for both residents and tourist visiting Lynchburg. The Foundation has funded similar grants in several nearby communities including: Manchester, Lawrenceburg, Lewisburg, Fayetteville, Pulaski, and Wartrace.

Mayor Lewis stated that she’d received initial nods of approval from the two existing pet-centric organizations already in the county: the Lynchburg Vet Hospital and Lynchburg Friends of Animals.

“There’s already water and electricity at both existing parks and this would simply be adding a amenity,” she stated. “No dog would ever be left unattended. It’s a place for people to bring their dogs to play just like people bring their kids to play.”

The Mayor also mentioned that Wiseman Park might be a good fit because one local restaurant located near that park, Barrelhouse Barbecue, is pet-friendly.

Opponents to the idea brought up concerns about dog owners cleaning up after their pets, lawsuits, and additional maintenance requirements.

Metro Attorney Bobo stated that a dog park would be folded into Metro’s existing risk management policy that already covers places like the Lynchburg Pool.

Chairman Harder stressed several times during the agenda item that the narrow motion was only to allow Metro to apply for the grant and that details of the park would be discussed if and when the grant was approved.

At the final roll call vote, Wayne Hawkins, Peggy Sue Blackburn, Arvin Bobo, Bradley Dye, Gerald Burnett, Sunny Rae Moorehead, and Gordon Millsaps voted no and Shane Taylor, Denning Harder, John Taylor, Keith Moses, Amy Cashion, Meghan Bailey, and Houston Lindsey, voted yes. Tommy Brown was absent from the meeting. •

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