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Metro Council votes to move stop sign from Dogtail Road to Anderson Road

The Metro Council agreed to move a stop sign from Dogtail Road to Anderson Road on Monday to avoid having heavy-load vehicles stop on the steep incline leading to the intersection. (Lynchburg Times Photo)

LOCAL NEWS — At Monday night’s meeting, the Metro Council voted unanimously to move a stop sign from Dogtail Road to nearby Anderson Road at the request of a fellow Metro Council member Peggy Blackburn. Blackburn told the Highway Advisory Committee the change was necessary to prevent slop trucks, school buses, and other heavy-load vehicles from coming to a complete stop on the steep incline on Dogtail Road.

It isn’t the first time the Metro Council has entertained changing stop signs. Several years ago, the council voted to removed the stop sign at the top of Ridgeville Road at Chestnut Ridge Road in order to prevent heavy load vehicles like those pulling boats and slop trucks from needing to come to a complete stop. Today, traffic coming from both directions on Chestnut Ridge Road yields to traffic coming up Ridgeville Road.

During the Highway Advisory Board meeting, Blackburn said the stop sign at that intersection originally sat on Anderson Road for over 50 years but had only recently been moved. Currently there is no stop sign at all at the intersection. According to the Metro Highway Department, the recent ice storm destroyed the sign and it’s yet to be replaced.

Sheriff Tyler Hatfield deferred to the council, stating that there “wasn’t a whole lot of traffic on that road.” Highway Department Director Shannon Cauble stated that the county could place “stop signs ahead” signs along both roads to help with the transition.

The motion to change the position of the existing stop sign passed unanimously. •

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