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Linda S. Wolaver seeks re-election as Moore County Circuit Court Clerk

MOORE COUNTY — On Wednesday, after weeks of campaigning throughout the the county, current Moore County Circuit Court Clerk Linda S. Wolaver officially announced her bid for re-election. The Moore County General Election will happen on Thursday, August 4. The voter registration deadline is Tuesday, July 5 and early voting will begin on Friday, July 15.

Linda S. Wolaver

“It has been an honor and privilege to serve as your Moore County Circuit Court Clerk for the past four years.  Since taking office in 2018, we have seen many challenges such as the COVID pandemic disrupting the court system in 2020 but we have continued to press forward,” Wolaver said. “We have accomplished a lot in my first term, and the work is just getting started.  I feel confident the procedures that have been put in place along with new services have kept the judicial system running smoothly and moving forward.”

Wolaver stated that since taking office she’s facilitated needed improvements to the office of Circuit Court Clerk such as technological upgrade. 

“Thanks to a grant from Governor Lee I was able to implement the NexGen scanning system for court records.  This has been beneficial to this office and the county as our archives are full and we can now maintain our own archives.  For ease in the court room a laptop and printer have been installed.  Other improvements include adding the ability to make payments by debit/credit cards online, in the office or over the phone.  A public terminal was added for background checks and for the Sheriff’s Department to check dispositions on their cases.  The establishment of procedural policies and internal audits have helped eliminate any audit finding since taking over the office, there have been zero audit findings from the state,” Wolaver stated.

If re-elected, Wolaver says she hopes to continue to advance operations and provide stability in the office that is the official record keeper and financial arm for the Circuit Court. 

“The next upgrade is set to go live September 1st when we implement E-Filing.  By adding new technology to this office, it has created more efficient services to everyone that utilizes this office.  As I look ahead to the next four years, I feel there will be even more changes that will continue to bring this office forward to align with technological advances,” she said.

Wolaver said that during her four years she’s worked closely with the Moore County Sheriff’s Office as well as Judge Terry Gregory, Judge Forest Durard and Judge Wyatt Burk, to ensure the court system works smoothly and efficiently for all. 

“It is vital for the clerk to have a working relationship not only with the Judges and Sheriff’s Office but also the Emergency Office of Communications, THP, TBI, FBI, AOC, TWRA, State Park officials, DA & PD office,” Wolaver said. “I am proud to say those relationships are strong with all departments.  I serve as an active member of the Clerk’s Association and most recently COAT and attend all conferences each year for continuing education for the clerk’s office.”

Wolaver stated that fifty percent of the case load for her office is criminal while the other 50 percent is civil including juvenile. 

“My 30 plus years of bookkeeping and administrative assistant experience have been very helpful with the duties of this office.  Since 2018 I have maintained the office of the Circuit Court Clerk as outlined in T.C.A 18-1-105, 18-1-101 ad 18-1-108 which are the general duties and responsibilities of the Clerk,” Wolaver said.

She stated that responsibilities of her office included but were no limited to:

  • Attend all hearings and court sessions
  • Compile dockets for all 3 courts
  • Collect fines, costs, and restitution and dispersing the funds monthly to the county and state
  • Jury coordination for Grand Jury and jury trials that may arise
  • Responsible for signing all writs, garnishments, bank levy’s, subpoenas, hospital liens and civil summons
  • Establish investments for funds awarded in court cases
  • Maintain all bonds both cash and surety, conditional forfeitures and scire facias
  • Report State Control Numbers to the TBI
  • Maintain all Preliminary Hearing recordings for General Sessions Court
  • File Petitions and Motions
  • Maintain office and courtroom equipment
  • Keep a rule docket of all filings and dispositions
  • Report Unclaimed Property
  • Orders of Protection
  • Expungements
  • Filing Appeals
  • ADA Coordinator

“The last four years have been a rewarding honor with the support and confidence from the citizens of Moore County.  My main objective has been to uphold this office with honesty, integrity, and transparency along with an open-door policy.  I love this job and this county.  Some of the greatest treasures I have gained over this term are the people I have met and come to know while serving in this position.  I have been able to combine my passion for public service and pride in accountability as I serve as the Circuit Court Clerk.  My goal will always be to provide an environment where the citizens and the officers of the court feel comfortable and know their needs will be met and their concerns will be heard.  Personal service is the number one priority of this office and I want it to be felt this office is accessible and responsive to your needs,” Wolaver said.

Wolaver is a single mother of two children, the late Taran Wolaver and Caitlyn Wolaver. 

“Caitlyn just completed her first year at Motlow State Community College majoring in Biology.  She is employed with Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House.  I am a member of the Main Street Church of Christ in Lynchburg.  In my spare time I enjoy reading, crafting, sewing, crocheting, cooking, and benevolent work.  In 2020 I made over 600 masks that were distributed throughout the community,” she said.

Wolaver says volunteer work is also a particular passion and she currently works with the Lynchburg Cemetery, Lynchburg Chamber, Jack Daniel’s World Invitational Barbecue, Metro Moore County 911 Board, American Red Cross, and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. She previously served as treasurer for the MCHS Band Boosters and Chamber of Commerce, assistant Spring in the Hollow event coordinator, Moore County Farm Bureau Ag in the Classroom representative, and Frontier Queen coordinator.

“I possess the qualities to continue to maintain the office to these standards and I humbly and respectfully ask for your vote and support in the upcoming August 4 General Election,” Wolaver said. “As I continue my way around the county, I look forward to visiting with you.  As it’s impossible to catch everyone at home, I am sorry if we have missed each other and to those I have caught I enjoyed our visit.”

Early voting begins July 15 and continues until July 30 upstairs in the County Building from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. •

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