Fayetteville non-profit seeks clothing donations

Fayetteville non-profit seeks clothing donations

REGIONAL NEWS | Fayetteville — Clothes Our Kids is an area non-profit that works directly with local schools and the Department of Children’s Services (DCS) to help get gently-used clothing to at risk kids in southern, middle Tennessee. School officials and DCS employees have come to rely on them to provide coats, shoes, and clothing to area kids. Since they launched in 2013, the group’s clothed over 4,000 area children.

And right now, their supplies are running low. If you plan to do a pre-holiday closet clean out anyway, why not consider donating your gently-used kid’s clothes to Clothes Our Kids?

“Because it’s teachers/counselors who see our children every day they are the ones aware of the kids in need. They see the day-to-day and they see the children who wear the same clothes to school every day or who come to school in the middle of winter with no coat,” the group says on the social media page.

All donations will be screened for weather appropriateness and cleanliness and then stored in their area warehouse. Teacher and DCS officials then contact Clothes Our Kids and discreetly distribute to area families. All identities remain anonymous.

The group is supported 100% by local donations. They accept clothing donation in sizes newborn through plus-size adults. All adult-sized garments are donated to local teens. Donations may be dropped off a 200 North Main Avenue in Fayetteville. If you have questions, contact Laura Mayer at 931-625-6953 or Christy Moran at 931-339-7298. For more information, visit the groups website by clicking here. •

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