Make Tims Ford Tennessee’s Favorite State Park

bridge at Tims Ford Stat Park
This bridge is located just off the Lost Creek Trail inside Tims Ford State Park. If you love to hike, camp, and explore there, vote for them in the My TN State Park Fundraiser happening through the month of April. (Photo Courtesy of Tims Ford State Park)

Do you love to fish, hike, swim, and explore at Tims Ford State Park located between Franklin and Moore counties? If so, head on over to the Tennessee State Parks website and vote for them in the My TN State Park Fundraiser. Each $1 donation equals one vote.

This will be the third year for the now annual fundraiser. Last year, Tims Ford finished #14 in parks with over 750,000 annual visitors – raising just shy of $1,000. Three Southeast Tennessee state parks – Tims Ford, Falls Creek Falls, and Harrison Bay – rank among the top four for visitation in the state. In total, the fundraiser raise over $112,000 for state parks across Tennessee in 2022.

Tennessee is one of just seven states to provide free access to all 57 state parks and fundraisers like this one help keep the parks free for everyone. Now locals who enjoy area state parks have an opportunity to give back.

The Tennessee State Park system launched the fundraiser on April 1 hoping to raise some much needed revenue and have a little fun in the process. Every dollar donated goes directly to support the park of your choice and will be used for things like facility upgrades, the Birds of Prey Program, a new childhood education efforts.

Go to Find your favorite park and click donate. The fundraiser will end at the end of April. The Times will keep you updated on how Tims Ford State Park is doing in the competition around mid-month. •

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