Metro Council lowers speed limit on Highway 82

By Tabitha Evans Moore | EDITOR & PUBLISHER

LOCAL NEWS | Over the past 365 days, there have been three fatalities on the winding, steep, low shoulder county road and on Monday, at the request of the Metro Highway Advisory Board, the Metro Council voted unanimously to lower the speed limit on Highway 82 from the Moore County Line to the intersection of Highway 55 to from 55 to 45 miles per hour. That road is also known locally as the Flat Creek Highway.

During a Highway Advisory Board Meeting prior to the Metro Council meeting, Board Chair Shane Taylor — who also serves as a captain on the Metro Moore County Sheriff’s Department (MMCSD) — recommended the change. He also works closely with Tennessee Highway Safety Office tasked with keeping Tennessee roads safe.

During his proposal, Captain Taylor stated that four major county roads — County Line, Finney, Wiseman Cemetery, and Wiseman — as well as over 30 private drives connect to the Moore County portion of Highway 82.

“It’s not as save as Highway 50 heading towards Tims Ford State Park and that road is 45 mph,” he stated.

Traffic study conducted

The MMCSD conducted a traffic study near 504 Flat Creek Highway over a nine day period in November. The study revealed that over 37,000 vehicles used that stretch of highway. That’s over 4,000 cars per day.

Over those nine days the fastest recorded speed heading into Lynchburg was 78 mph and the average violation speed was 58.7 mph. The fastest recorded speed heading to Bedford County was 83 mph and the average violation speed was 58.98 mph, according to the study.

During open discussion, local resident Todd Jennings was allowed to address the Council. His family owns a large stretch of land that runs parallel to Highway 82.

“It’s a no passing zone right there at the left turn onto County Line Road, but I have to watch for people passing there all time as I look to turn left,” he said.

“Those curves are just really, really sharp and they don’t look sharp until you get into them,” added Council member Peggy Sue Blackburn, who lives off Highway 82. “That road’s been dangerous since the 1960’s.”

In the end, Shane Taylor made the motion to lower the speed limit and Blackburn seconded it. It passed unanimously among the 12 members present. Greg Guinn, Houston Lindsey, and John Taylor were absent from the meeting. •

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