7 Don’t Miss Vendors to Check Out during The Jack

Miss Mary Bobo’s Restaurant fried chicken lunches, homemade cupcakes from The Barking Pig BBQ Team, and mini pies from Project Graduation are just some of the unique and tasty items offered by vendors this weekend at The Jack. (File Photo)

LYNCHBURG, Tenn. — The 34th annual installment of the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue, or The Jack, will take place this weekend on the historic Lynchburg Square and Wiseman Park. And while all things barbecue will be the focus of the two-day event, the event organizers at The Jack Daniel Distillery and the Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce work hard to recruit an eclectic group of local, regional, and state vendors to the event. Also, The Jack is also the biggest fundraising opportunity of the year for many local student organizations and nonprofits. Be sure to support them while you are here.

In total, there will be over 40 vendors on the square and another 40 located down in the park. We’ve reviewed the vendors list from both the local chamber and the folk’s at Jack Daniel’s and come up with this list of Don’t Miss vendors who will be in Lynchburg this weekend.

1| Vintage Craft Soda from Wild Bill’s Craft Beverage | Saddle on up to the Wild Bill’s Craft Beverage booth this weekend and imagine yourself bellying up at a classic, American frontier bar. You’ll get a commemorative steel barrel mug that you can refill all day with vintage craft soda flavors like Vanilla Cream, Root Beer, Orange Cream, and Sarsaparilla. Plus, Wild Bill’s is a veteran-owned business. They’ll be located in Wiseman Park To learn more, click here.

2| Mini Pies from Project Graduation 2024 | As we mentioned, The Jack is one of the biggest fundraisers of the year for multiple school groups and nonprofits. The Moore County High School sophomore class will offer mini apple, chess, pecan, and pumpkins pies at the event. After a nibble on some wood-smoked barbecue what could be better than a bite-sized pie. They also sell hamburgers, hotdogs, caramel apples, and apple nachos. They will be located on the hill leading to Wiseman Park near the side exit to Miss Mary Bobo’s. Proceed benefit Project Graduation, which provides a safe graduation night to all Moore County graduating seniors each year.

3| Breakfast or Lunch from the Miss Mary Bobo’s Airstream | Everyone loves the fried chicken, mac and cheese and other items served each day at Miss Mary Bobo’s Restaurant but during The Jack a seating can be hard to come by. No worries. The Bobo’s Airstream will serve during the event on Saturday. They’ll serve breakfast to go from 9:10 to 10:45 a.m. that includes bacon, egg & cheese or sausage, egg, & cheese biscuit served with their famous hash brown casserole and serve lunch to go from 11 to 1:45 p.m. that includes fried chicken, green beans, mac & cheese, a roll, and a drink. They’ll serve fudge pie too. Just look for the Jack & Coke Airstream located in their side parking lot.

4| Charcoal from The Good Charcoal Company | Food & Wine named them the overall best charcoal and for good reason. It’s made with acacia and this premium hardwood, lump charcoal will elevate your backyard game. Plus it’s sustainable and chemical free. They also donate a portion of their profits to food pantries across the U.S. and sponsor free barbecues in local communities facing food insecurity … win-win-win. They will be located on the Lynchburg Square. To learn more, click here.

5| Ribeye Sandwiches from the Lynchburg Chamber | Last Frontier Days, the Lynchburg Chamber launched the first-ever SCA-sanctioned Steak Cook Off and it was a big hit. So, during The Jack, the group will sell Ribeye Steak Sandwiches cooked by local vet and barbecue know-it-all Dr. Bryant Morton and SCA judge Jimmy Driver. Proceeds will support next year’s Frontier Days SCA Steak Cookoff. Look for them on the Lynchburg Square.

6 | Cupcakes from the Barking Pig BBQ Team | Dr. Morton may be focused on ribeye sandwiches on Saturday but his wife, Dr. Wendy Morton, and barbecue team, The Barking Pig, will be close by selling Wendy’s homemade cupcakes in flavors like Jack and Coke with Caramel Cream, Banana Pudding, Chocolate Peanut Butter topped with Halloween Candy, and White Chocolate Mousse. A portion of the proceeds from the cupcake sale will go to Moore County Friends of Animals. Look for them on the Lynchburg Square.

7| The Fry Box Food Truck | Fries are great. Loaded fries with a signature sauce from Huntsville’s The Fry Box are even better. The popular food truck will visit Lynchburg on Saturday and offer items like The Whatcha-Call-It Fry Box, which is seasoned fries topped with cheese, ranch, bacon, chive, fried chicken, and their signature Whatcha-Call-It Sauce. Look for them in Wiseman Park. To learn more, click here. •

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