Lynchburg’s Town Dog, Buddy the Beagle, gets his own children’s book

Buddy the Beagle now has his very own book. It will be available on Amazon and several shops around the Lynchburg Square. (Art Provided)

LOCAL NEWS — Thanks to a Lynchburg a super fan who lives in Phoenix our very own favorite pup, Buddy the Beagle, recently got his very own book. Written by Margo Ganske and illustrated by Marcia Brakke, the book will be available by the Jack Daniel’s Barbecue at various locations around the Lynchburg Square and on Amazon.

Ganske wrote the book with full permission from Buddy’s owner, Terry Corbin, who lives just off Main Street in Lynchburg.

Ganske began work on the book last March with interviews with various notables in town, including Lynchburg Times editor Tabitha Evans Moore, about Buddy and what he meant to the town. The book follows Buddy in his daily travels from his home on Main Street to the Lynchburg Square and then on to the Jack Daniel’s Visitors Center. From breakfast with Miss Joyce at the Lynchburg Valley Inn to pepperoni snacks at Lynchburg Cigar Company and then greeting tourist at the Visitor’s Center, the story explores what it means to both live and thrive in a small town while making a big impression.

“This is a true story about a beagle with a big heart and an even bigger personality that has captured the hearts of the towns people in Lynchburg, Tennessee,” the books states. ” Everyone knows and loves Buddy. See how Buddy’s busy day around town is filled with chasing rabbits, a part-time job, belly rubs, and a little pepperoni thrown in along the way.”

The 30-page book retails for $9.99 and is available now on Amazon by following this link.•

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