Cascade Hollow announces Copper Tongue a 16-year-old cask strength straight bourbon whiskey

The new Copper Tongue 16 year-old cask strength straight bourbon whiskey is a Nicole Austin creation discovered, distilled, and bottled in Tullahoma. (Photo Provided)

WHISKEY INDUSTRY NEWS | Tullahoma — When you make whiskey in the country, encounters with critters become a regular thing. Nestled in a hollow with a spring-fed creek, Cascade Hollow Distillery is no exception. Run ins with copperheads snakes – one of four venomous snakes native to middle Tennessee – happen regularly for General Manager and Distiller Nicole Austin.

In fact, the large copperhead population at Cascade Hollow is the inspiration for Austin’s newest offering, Copper Tongue, a 16-year-old Cask Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

It’s part of Cascade Hollow’s Orphan Barrel label. Over the years, the Cascade Hollow iteration has taken great pride in discovering forgotten barrels among the George Dickel inventory. In 2016, Orphan Barrel released Whoop & Holler, a 28-year-old American whiskey. Copper Tongue will be Austin’s first Orphan Barrel whiskey.

Scottish traditions in the American South

Recently, as Austin explored one of the single story rickhouses, she discovered a forgotten barrel that presented as incredibly “approachable and mellow.” It makes sense. The one story rickhouses at Cascade Hollow draw their inspiration from traditional Scottish style barrel storage and the whiskey stored there leans toward elegant and refined. Of course, located in the heart of middle Tennessee, those barrels would have endured the hot summers and cold winters of Tullahoma.

“Orphan Barrel Copper Tongue brings together traditions from both American and Scotch whiskeys, and the result is a sophisticated straight bourbon that’s surprisingly delicate. With this release, I can’t wait to share this rare whiskey with the world and showcase a bit of the magic that can comes from Cascade Hollow,” Austin said.

Distillers say this 16-year-old bourbon boasts an approachable and mellow profile balanced by juicy bursts of candied orange and hints of cedar. At 89.8 proof, bourbon lovers can throw in a couple of ice cubes, a fresh fruit garnish and call it a day.

Orphan Barrel Copper Tongue will be a highly limited release and on the radar of many collectors and connoisseurs. Keep your eyes peeled at local liquor stores as it started hitting shelves at the end of June. Suggested retail price is $100. •

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