Jack Daniel’s named Most Patriotic Spirit Brand

As July 4 rolls around, our local distillery once again made the list of Most Patriotic brands. (Photo Courtesy of Jack Daniel’s Distillery)

There are just certain iconic brands that easily stand in for a symbol of America like Coca Cola, Ford, and a whiskey coming out of a tiny Tennessee town. Brand Keys’ annual survey of iconic American brands identifies those which consumers believe best embody the value of “patriotism” and Jack Daniel’s sits at number 13 and represents the only spirit brand on the list.

“Founded more than 150 years ago in Lynchburg, Tennessee, we couldn’t be prouder to be an American company and one that has tremendous respect for our country and its people. Every drop of our Tennessee Whiskey is crafted with pride here in the U.S., and we wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Jack Daniel’s Vice President and Global Brand Director Matt Blevins. “We’re honored to have a place on this year’s list alongside some of the most influential brands in the country.”  

Jack Daniel’s Distillery shares the number 13 spot with American fashion designer Ralph Lauren. Other brands in the top 25 Most Patriotic include #1 Jeep, #9 Coca-Cola, #14 Harley Davidson, and #16 Wrangler. To see the complete list, click here.

Brand Keys, Inc. determined the list through a survey to a national sample of 5,804 consumers, 16 to 65 years of age, balanced for gender and political affiliation and drawn from the nine U.S. Census Regions. Consumers assessed 1,172 brands in 131 B2C and B2B categories as to their resonance for the single value – “patriotism.” Brands were identified and ranked based on how they have best met the challenge that patriotism plays in today’s marketplace. •

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