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DREMC: Monday night’s storm increases power outages

Monday’s night’s thunderstorms brought more downed trees, broken power poles, and damaged transformers. DREMC reports just 49 Lynchburg residents still without power. {File Photo}

Southern, middle got hit hard on Sunday leaving 19,000 Duck River Membership Corporation (DREMC) customers without power at the height of the outages. Broken poles, downed power lines, and damaged transformers plus a host of fallen trees were reported from Columbia to Sewanee.

Then on Monday night, our area got hit again with another round of severe thunderstorm only compounding the issue. As of Tuesday morning an additional 5,000 homes were without power including 200 Moore County customers. By the publishing of this article that number reduced to 49.

According to DREMC, they’ve restored power to over 10,000 homes and crews will continue to work throughout the day to restore power.

You can get updates 24/7 at DREMC Outage Viewer by clicking here. •

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