DREMC warns about local scam attempts

Duck River Electric recently posted this graphic on their social media page to remind locals of the signs that the person on the other end of the phone might be a scammer. (GRAPHIC PROVIDED)

It’s a moment that can send a bolt of fear pulsing through just about anyone’s system. You pay your bill. You pay it each month on time and now suddenly, there’s someone on the phone stating that you didn’t and threatening that the worst might happen if you don’t pay up now.

It’s something that Duck River Electric says happens more often that they’d like and based on recent customer complaints, is something the general public should be made aware.

“Members notify us of phone scam attempts on a regular basis. These individuals will claim to work for DREMC to try and steal money from you. There are some common ways you can identify a scammer,” the local utility stated on their social media pages.

DREMC officials remind locals that official calls from Duck River Electric employees will always come on phone numbers with caller ID information for DREMC. In Lynchburg, that number is 931-759-7344. Officials also state that calls will always come within normal business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Local utility professional will never demand immediate payment of any amount and will never suggest a payment be made with a gift card or some other usual format.

If you receive a suspicious call, local authorities recommend that you immediately hang up and contact Duck River Electric to confirm any information. •

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