Jack Daniel’s Barrel House 114 renamed the George Green Barrel House

On Thursday, Jack Daniel’s and Brown-Forman team members as well as Nearest Green family members and descendant posed in front of the newly reamed George Green Barrel House. According to distillery officials, it is the oldest and most prominent barrel house on the distillery grounds. (Photo Credit: Jack Daniel’s Distillery)

Nathan Nearest Green played an unmistakable role in creating the product known around the world today as Jack Daniel’s Distillery Tennessee Whiskey. He was Jack Daniel’s first head stiller (called ‘master distiller’ today) and the man credited with teaching a young Jasper Newton Daniel the Lincoln County Process – that sugar maple charcoal filtering process that give Jack Daniel’s Whiskey a distinct taste.

On Thursday, Jack Daniel’s Distillery officially renamed Barrel House 114 the “George Green Barrel House” in honor of Nathan “Nearest” Green’s son, George, and the extended Green family. 

Nearest Green’s role in the launch of the local distillery may have remained hidden to many outside of Moore County but to folks in Lynchburg, the Green family have remained an intricate part of Jack Daniel’s story.

When Jack Daniel moved his distillery from the Dan Call Farm in the Lois community to its present location near the Cave Spring in Lynchburg, Nearest Green’s sons George and Eli, came with him.  

According to local history, at least three of Green’s sons and four of his grandchildren worked at Jack Daniel distillery during Nearest’s lifetime. In all, seven straight generations of Nearest Green’s descendants have worked for the distillery, with three direct descendants continuing to work there today.

Jack Daniels General Manger Larry Combs and Assistant General Manager Melvin Keebler pose with Nearest Green descendants Debbie Staples, Jackie Hardin and Jerome Vance in front of the newly renamed George Green Warehouse. (Photo Credit: Jack Daniel’s Distillery)

The George Green Barrel House is the oldest and most prominent barrel house on the distillery grounds, and where more than 300,000 friends visit every year as they take the guided tour.  Since the days of Nearest and George, seven generations of the Green family have worked at the distillery, including brother and sisters Debbie Staples, Jackie Hardin and Jerome Vance, who are current employees. •

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